(2011) Critical educational gerontology: a third statement of first principles

in TheoryMarvin Formosa, University of Malta, Malta

This article elaborates upon the initial statement of first principles for critical educational gerontology [CEG] established by Glendenning and Battersby some two decades ago, whilst taking stock of the body of critique levelled at such principles by the humanist strand in older adult learning. The article voices support for CEG whilst acknowledging a need to renew it in line with contemporary socio-cultural realities. It is argued that the weakness of CEG lies in its current, rather than its potential, usage. Four key proposals to renew CEG are put forward: a transformative rationale that challenges the cultural hegemony of neo-liberalism; the centrality of directive educators; embedding geragogy in a critical epistemology; and a praxeological engagement with historically accumulated concepts and practices.

International Journal of Education and Ageing, Vol. 2, No. 1, 323–338, September 2011, ISSN: 2044-5458


Older adult learning, critical educational gerontology, critical geragogy. humanist-liberal education

Files to download

  • Formosa, IJEA Vol 2 No 1.pdf

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