20th World ICDE Conference

in TheoryJan Lojda

The article deals with the important point of the e-learning applications. The author discuss and compare the costs of the traditional face to face learning processes, distance education costs and e-learning costs. The general cost analysis is related to one student. The costs of the learning are well connected with the efficiency of every activity, which is included in the educational process. In many cases the economic aspects and portion of labour force is underestimated, because of the redistribution of these costs among more partners in the institution. The author concludes, that there is not possible to look only for financial aspects of the e-learning, but that it is necessary to reflect to the general benefits from the e-learning use. Just effects and benefits from the changing approach to the IT, it could be a good reason for doing e-learning.

Economic aspects of e-learning applications


education costs, changing apporaches

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